Areas of Practice

Real Estate

We counsel clients in both commercial and residential property matters such as real estate sale, purchase, finance and refinance, acquisition, appraisal, leasing, management, and brokerage.

Consumer Debt and Bankruptcy

All aspects of consumer debt representation including collection harassment, filing bankruptcy, correspondence and negotiations with creditors and defense for court appearance.

Consumer Fraud

We specialize in defending the NJ Consumer Fraud Act and have extensive experience in protecting the rights of the consumer from fraudulent and misleading practices of big business and any institution that engages in unfair treatment of consumers.

Disability Discrimination

If you have been a victim of disability discrimination, you may be able to recover damages. Our disability discrimination lawyers are dedicated to helping those who have been adversely treated, fired, not promoted, paid less, demoted, o descriminated against due to their disabilities.

Immigration Law

We assist individuals and families in becoming United States citizens and in all aspects of the immigration process. Our representation can help you succeed with all types of immigration petitions and applications including citizenship and naturalization, adjustment of status, employment-based green cards, legal permanent residency, and family-based petitions.

Personal Injury

When you're injured it is important to have the proper legal counsel and support to ensure your rights are addressed and you are compensated for any physical, mental, and emotional suffering. Our team is highly aware of the toll personal injury takes and is experienced at successfully getting these rights and needs met.

Family Law

Issues pertaining to family law are handled with the utmost of sensitivity and expertise so as to give our clients the quality representation they need during what can be emotionally difficult and confusing times. We represent men and women in all family law issues such as divorce and separation, custody, visitation, support, estates, and paternity.

Criminal Law

We have extensive experience successfully defending all criminal cases including misdemeanor, felony, and DUI throughout the state of New Jersey. We take an aggressive approach toward protecting your rights and your freedom.

Traffic Violations

If you have been arrested for a traffic offense or received traffic summonses, we can provide you with the effective and thorough legal representation you need. We defend such traffic cases as speeding, passing a stop sign, tailgating, parking, and red light violations.

Commercial Litigation

We handle business disputes of all kinds including contractual discrepancies and breaches, unfair trade practices, insurance disputes, professional liability, non-profit organizations, real estate disputes, trademark and copyright issues, dissolution of partnerships, and employment litigation. Our skill and experience allow us to address all these matters with the tenacity required to achieve successful resolution for our clients.

Business Formation

Understanding and assisting in the creation of a business, whether it be a sole proprietor, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, C-corporation, or sub-chapter S corporation, is what our firm offers as well as answering any needs related to business formation

Wills and Power of Attorney

Creating a will and addressing estate planning is an important if not always easy action to take. If a person dies without a will, the state that they live in will determine how their assets are distributed. Having a will ensures that you control the distribution of your estate to your exact specifications down to every detail. We can help you design a plan that will give you this peace of mind.


These charges are among the most serious traffic offenses and we have the expertise to determine their legitimacy and that of the procedures taken during the charging process. Our firm takes every measure to have the charges to dismissed or appealed to protect our clients record and future.

Housing Discrimination

Building owners, homeowners and landlords have a legal responsibility to be fair when offering housing for sale or rent. If you or a loved one has been a victim of housing discrimination, you have options for recourse under the law and our attorneys can help determine the most effective course of action.

Landlord Tenant Issues

Our office represents both landlords and tenants in all disputes including failure to pay rent or consistently late payments, unacceptable behavior on either side, lease negotiations, property maintenance and living conditions, and illegal rental or subletting.

Debt and Collection Issues

Our caring team understands the pressures of meeting daily expenses and how unforeseen hardships such as unemployment, illness and divorce can add to this burden. We can help quickly with solutions to the judgments, harassing phone calls, and foreclosure and eviction threats you may be facing.

Expungement and Record Sealing

You may be eligible to have your conviction record expunged or sealed, so that any arrest, court proceedings or convictions are not accessible to anyone. Our office has extensive experience in the state of New Jersey and New York handling this process successfully, assisting clients in putting their past record behind them.

Employment Law

We advise and resolve all employment related issues by direct counsel with business owners and employees on matters such as employment disputes, hiring and terminating, non-compete agreements, employee handbooks and policies, worker's compensation, privacy issues, employment discrimination, unemployment claims and non-disclosure agreements.